Frozy | Powder to elaborate frozen yogurt

Frozy offers a powder to elaborate frozen yogurt produced with the latest technologies coming from Italy, place where the best ice-creams of the world are born.
This powder mixed with skimmed yogurt and skimmed milk - made with an adequate machine - produces a smooth,  foaming ice cream without preservatives having an irresistible flavor with only 0,03 oz. (0,8 g.) fat.
It comes in the following presentations:


  • Frozy YogoTop: low in sugar, 127,73 kcal. each 3,53 oz. (100 g.) of the prepared product.
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  • Frozy YogoSte: naturally sweetened with Stevia, 84,88 kcal. each 3,53 oz. (100 g.) of the prepared product. YogoSte contains prebiotics.
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  • Frozy Veg: contains only herbal ingredients. Does not contain gluten or dairy. It´s parve. It´s very low in total fat. It is prepared with the powder premix, and you can add coconut milk, oat milk, soy milk, fruit juice or water. It has the consistency and creaminess of soft ice cream and it´s chosen by those who don´t include dairy in their diet.
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    It is a brand new product, tasty as an ice cream having the nutritional benefits of a yogurt.

    It can be combined with different toppings: fresh or dried fruits, sauces and whatever your imagination may create.

    It is good to eat daily in a balanced and healthy diet. Recommended as breakfast, tea or dessert and together with a salad, it is the perfect combination to replace a lunch or a dinner. It goes together with the current global trend of the personal and health care society.

    Frozy offers this delicious variety of tastes besides the natural taste:

ApplePlus ChocoPlus
GrenadinePlus MangoPlus
RaspberryPlus StrawberryPlus

Ask for our range of product options according to your need.

We are open to receive suggestions to elaborate other tastes...

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