1 Frozy Portable Machine
24 kilos of Frozy frozen yogurt

(References: 1.6 k. yields 75 servings

24 k. yields 1125 servings of 100 g.)

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1 Frozy Portable Machine
24 kilos of Frozy frozen yogurt
2 kilos of tastes

(Options: MangoPlus, MaracujáPlus, StrawberryPlus, Raspberry Plus, ApplePlus)

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1 Frozy Portable Machine NEW
16 kilos of Frozy frozen yogurt

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Payment method: Bank deposit / Abitab or Redpagos deposit.
It is coordinated after confirming the order by mail.
Business opportunities

It is an ideal product to be commercialized through different channels:


  • An exclusive shop of Frozen Yogurt
  • Be an option of dessert in a restaurant menu
  • Be an option as part of a healthy diet in an ice-cream shop
  • In events, parties and meetings is perfect for gastronomic businessmen
  • In confectioneries and bakeries so as to add a tempting option
  • A supermarket island
  • A shopping island


We offer advice for the installing of different business possibilities.


Frozy provides, in addition to raw materials and machinery to produce the frozen yogurt, advice on business and brand design services, premises, facilities and contacts with various importers of inputs required for the operation of the business.

Frozy has the ability to customize the flavor for each client, offering the product to entrepreneurs who want to open their shop, to specialized companies that want to incorporate them into their menus, and franchises in the industry, while maintaining the uniqueness of each product marketed and difference.

Consumers also value the fact that they may choose and create the product by themselves according to their preferences. The great variety of options is very important so as to cover all the range of options of the whole family, generating a consumption opportunity. The presentation of the variety of toppings is very important to consumers, as it is the way to elaborate the final product extremely attractive and flavorful.

The portable machines that prepare and dispense the frozen yogurt, are available for sale to companies organizing events or who want to offer them to their employees, as a snack.


We look forward to your inquiries!


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